James A. Donald:
>> SSL is layered on top of TCP, and then one layers
>> one's actual protocol on top of SSL, with the result
>> that a transaction involves a painfully large number
>> of round trips.

Richard Salz wrote:
> Perhaps theoretically painful, but in practice this is
> not the case; commerce on the web is the
> counter-example.

The delay is often humanly perceptible.  If humanly
perceptible, too much.

> The benefits of layering for outweigh the perceived
> gains of just merging it all together into one glob.
> For example, the ability to replace layers, or replace
> them by just dropping in a new library.

Compilation would provide the same benefits, and a fair
bit more - such as built in protocol negotiation, rather
than protocol negotiation being reinvented ad hoc in a
different and incompatible way each, and bolted on after
the fact in a different way each time.

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