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> On 08/25/2013 09:12 PM, Perry E. Metzger wrote:
> > For some research on communications privacy I'm doing at the
> > moment, I'm interested in learning about the state of the art of
> > DHT systems and mix network systems. I'd like to know both which
> > systems are
> Can you rephrase whether you want info about DHT systems that are
> related to some kind of mix system (e.g. GNUnet), or whether you
> simply want to know about common DHT systems. If the latter, what
> kind of attacks are you after? Eclipse?

My knowledge of the field is pretty spotty in general as I've never
paid much attention up until now -- mostly I know about how people
have built DHTs in non-hostile environments. I'm close enough to
starting from scratch that I don't know yet what I don't know.

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