On 2013-08-26 11:04 AM, Christian Huitema wrote:
Of course the data can be signed, encrypted, etc. But the rule of the game
is that the adversary can manufacture as many peers as they want --
something known as the Sybil attack. They can then perform various forms of

We need, and have not designed, a good distributed reputation system, resting on Zooko's triangle and a large global hash tree that provides an unfalsifiable past history of the past conduct of key holders.

Such a global hash tree requires, like bitcoin, a solution to the Byzantine Generals Problem - a known hard problem that is nonetheless soluble.

A distributed reputation system can also provide things like debt based money that provides an incentive for seeding - for providing storage of interesting content as well as an incentive for upload bandwidth of interesting content. Bittorrent provides an upload bandwidth incentive, but no storage incentive.
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