>> There is a host of older literature, too - P2P research, however, has become
>> a cold topic. Although I expect that it will see a revival in the face of
>> surveillance.
> For people who are interested, the list I have (for a year or two back) is:


I would like to add the following:

R5n: Randomized recursive routing for restricted-route networks
NS Evans, C Grothoff
Network and System Security (NSS) 2011

Routing in the dark: Pitch black
NS Evans, C GauthierDickey, C Grothoff
Computer Security Applications Conference, 2007. ACSAC 2007

Exploiting KAD: possible uses and misuses
M Steiner, T En-Najjary, EW Biersack
ACM SIGCOMM Computer Communication Review 37 (5), 65-70

A global view of kad
M Steiner, T En-Najjary, EW Biersack
Proceedings of the 7th ACM SIGCOMM IMC, 2007

Measurements and mitigation of peer-to-peer-based botnets: a case study
on storm worm
T Holz, M Steiner, F Dahl, E Biersack, F Freiling
Proceedings of 1st Usenix Workshop LEET

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