A different take on the problem:  Would something built around identify-based 
encryption help here?  It sounds very tempting:  My email address (or any other 
string - say a bitmap of a picture of me) *is* my public key.  The problem is 
that it requires a central server that implicitly has access to my private key. 
There are some proposals around to work around that (e.g., by constructing the 
key from a combination of keys from different key generators).  But we could go 
another route:  I can run a key generator on my own hardware.  That doesn't 
quite solve the problem, since you now need a secure way to find my key 
generator - any generator will happily tell you how to encrypt using 
leich...@lrw.com to generate the public key, and *it* will have the 
corresponding private key.

I don't quite see how to make this work, but IBE seems like a primitive that 
might be helpful, somehow.
                                                        -- Jerry

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