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> On 7/09/13 10:15 AM, Gregory Perry wrote:
>  Correct me if I am wrong, but in my humble opinion the original intent
>> of the DNSSEC framework was to provide for cryptographic authenticity
>> of the Domain Name Service, not for confidentiality (although that
>> would have been a bonus).
> If so, then the domain owner can deliver a public key with authenticity
> using the DNS.  This strikes a deathblow to the CA industry.  This threat
> is enough for CAs to spend a significant amount of money slowing down its
> development [0].
> How much more obvious does it get [1] ?
> iang

I proposed essentially this idea around 10 years ago on the capabilities
list, using custom TXT records and some hackish things that  are/were
sub-optimal due to DNSSEC being more of a pipedream then than it is now to
deliver public keys for any arbitrary purpose. I only went so far as to
kick around design ideas on and off-list back then under the tag-line of
objectdns (as in being able to locate and connect to any arbitrary object
via a public key crypto connection) and registering the domain objectdns.com.
Things stalled out there due to my lack of copious free time.

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