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[[about Paul Karger's countermeasure to the "Ken Thompson" trojan-compiler
> I never met Roger Schell, but I knew Paul at DEC back in the mid
> 70's.  Not realizing his connection with the underlying ideas, I
> showed him Thompson's paper.  Paul explained how to counter it by
> examining the compiler output (not practical except in specialized
> circumstances) but never brought up his own role.
> The full details can be found on David A. Wheeler's page at
> http://www.dwheeler.com/trusting-trust/.  (Wheeler's 2005 dissertation
> provides a complete solution to the problem; he cites Henry Spencer
> for suggesting the idea underlying his formal treatment back in
> 1998.)

It's important to realise that Wheeler's "diverse double-compiling"
(DCC) countermeasure does NOT require hand examination of compiler
output -- the tests are (or can be) fully automated even for realistic
industrial-strength compilers like GCC (on which Wheeler demonstrated
DCC in his thesis).

And a tiny historical nit: Wheeler's dissertation was in 2009, not 2005.


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