[EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: The real problem is that flaky 
encrypted comms are a tactical problem so it is often
better to use clear comms when time is the issue. Not too 
helpful to know what's about to happen if you can't do 
anything about it anyway.
This is a very important point!  I am sure that most of 
what is being intercepted is tactical voice, and has very 
limited shelf-life.  I am much more concerned about the
apparent lack of good IFF (missile batteries lighting up
the RAF plane that they then shot down; the USAF plane that 
reacted to being lit up by firing at and destroying the 
ground radar; stories about our close air-support firing
on our tanks and other ground units)!  This sounds like it
is very close to criminal negligence!  Do these units NOT
have IFF or are they not using it or does it just not work
all of the time ?  Geraldo wants to know!! - chazzchezz

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