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>  I am much more concerned about the
> apparent lack of good IFF (missile batteries lighting up
> the RAF plane that they then shot down; the USAF plane that 
> reacted to being lit up by firing at and destroying the 
> ground radar; stories about our close air-support firing
> on our tanks and other ground units)!  This sounds like it
> is very close to criminal negligence!  Do these units NOT
> have IFF or are they not using it or does it just not work
> all of the time ?  Geraldo wants to know!! - chazzchezz

IFF is no longer limited to 6x8-foot Union Jacks flown by British vehicles
but it's obvious there are still problems. Considering how much effort I
know about in the last ten years, one would think they have every plane,
vehicle, and ship tagged with something.

My father fought WWII in Dallas, installing IFF in airplanes. Plenty of
time to perfect these concepts.

One needs to keep in mind that the problem is often simple failure to
communicate. The Combat Air Patrols over the US in the last year give
some insight: Fighters in Texas taking direction from Florida rather
than talking to the Air Traffic Controllers below. I listen to private
pilots near Dubya's ranch complaining about being "attacked" by F-16s
while following directions from ATC. The F-16s chase scheduled airliners
into Waco. Perhaps they don't have weapons and that is all that has saved 
planes from being shot down in Texas.

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