At 2:15 PM -0500 4/1/03, Ian Grigg wrote:
Some comments from about a decade ago.

The way it used to work in the Army (that I
was in) within a battalion, is that there was
a little code book, with a sheet for a 6 hour
stretch. Each sheet has a simple matrix for
encoding letters, etc.  Everyone had the same
sheet, and they were created centrally and
distributed from there.  If any sheets were
lost, it was a major disaster.

All soldiers were taught to code up the messages,
it was one of the more boring lessons.  In
practice, corporals and seargeants did most
of the coding, but it was still a slow and
cumbersome process.

The Army actually has a training course (from 1990) on-line that describes such a system in detail. The cipher system, called DRYAD is covered in ---------------------------------------------------------------------
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