We are migrating from Crypto-5.4 to Crypto850.
Changes have been made to support the newer version(Crypto850).
On Linux, it works fine. But on Windows, we are facing issues.
We are using Visual Studio 2013 to build the cypto library(using 
There is no source code difference between Linux and Windows.
The same source code works fine if it is rebuilt with Crypto-5.4.
Only major change done is to replace *Randpool.Put* with 

*Randpool.IncorporateEntropy*And also, using OldRandPool instead of 
RandPool works fine.

*Any Idea on how to resolve this problem?*

*One more observation is that on building manually(without using 
cryptest.sln) and using the library, it is found to crash at 
randpool.cpp:39[image: Crypto_Crash.png]*

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