> We are migrating from Crypto-5.4 to Crypto850.
> Changes have been made to support the newer version(Crypto850).
> On Linux, it works fine. But on Windows, we are facing issues.
> We are using Visual Studio 2013 to build the cypto library(using 
> cryptest.sln).
> There is no source code difference between Linux and Windows.
> The same source code works fine if it is rebuilt with Crypto-5.4.
> Only major change done is to replace Randpool.Put with 
> Randpool.IncorporateEntropy
> And also, using OldRandPool instead of RandPool works fine.
> Any Idea on how to resolve this problem?

Also see https://www.cryptopp.com/wiki/OldRandomPool for documentation
on OldRandomPool.

> One more observation is that on building manually(without using cryptest.sln) 
> and using the library, it is found to crash at randpool.cpp:39

For custom Crypto++ builds, the Nmake makefile might be useful to you.
It is easier to change build flags using Nmake makefile. Also see
https://cryptopp.com/wiki/Nmake_(Command_Line) .


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