> How can I "convert" the public key I got from
> CryptoPP::ECDSA<CryptoPP::ECP, CryptoPP::SHA256>::PublicKey publicKey;
>     publicKey.Initialize(CryptoPP::ASN1::brainpoolP256r1(), q);
> to the needed byte array. What do I have to use as initialisation vector? I'm 
> no pro in crypto-algorithms but I have to use them for a specific project -_-

Sorry, I'm not sure what you need. I'm not familiar with cpp-jwt.

Maybe it would be easier to add Brainpool support to cpp-jwt. Then you
won't need to use other libraries. cpp-jwt will do everything you

cpp-jwt uses OpenSSL for its cryptography. It should be relatively
easy to add the support.


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