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> This is somehow ridiculus. I just set up a brand new VM with Win10, new 
> version. Also installed VS2019 Community. Nothing else, ran the upper 
> commands on the content of the 7zip archive and I still get the same 
> result. This can't be something with Intel vs. AMD, could it? 

I don't install an IDE, like {Community|Professional|Enterprise} Edition. I 
just install the VS Build Tools. I also install an SDK.

Can you confirm you are using cryptopp Master and crypotpp-pem Master? I 
think you said you were using cryptopp Master, but I don't recall seeing 
something for crypotpp-pem.

Finally, I assume you are using the same runtime libraries for everything. 
Crypto++ uses static linking by default (/MT and MTd). You have to manually 
switch to dynamic runtimes (/MD and /MDd). Also see 


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