On 8/11/2017 11:02 AM, Fletcher Dunn wrote:

There is currently no mechanism to control

what local IP or port this connection is bound to. ... (The master server may refuse

to list your server if the public IP used to talk to Steam does not match the IP you are

advertising for game traffic.)

This would make the new mechanism incompatible with our systems, because all machines here have multiple IP addresses. Some other games have this same design flaw, including some Valve games on Linux (at least, historically). As Kyle does, we have a firewall rule in place on Linux that drops TCP connections to 27017:27019 on the outbound as a workaround for this (forcing a fallback to UDP mode).

Before the official release, or at least before you phase out -udpforce, you should modify the software to do a bind() call before connect(), using the IP address specified on the command line.

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