On 19/04/2016 9:14pm, Lars Ellenberg wrote:
> You can tell it to bind to "-N your.node.name".
> If not specified, it will use the "any" address
> (pass a NULL node to getaddrinfo)

Passing -N on the command line works nicely to bind to a specific IP. Thanks.

When you have a moment, please add that switch to the man page, I'm sure others 
would like to know about it.

> The relevant function is "csync_server_bind()" in csync2.c

I'm not a C coder, but I'm confused about 
https://github.com/rvanlaar/csync2/blob/master/csync2.c#L276  I'm guessing that 
(on FreeBSD at least) it binds to an IPv6 socket and then exits the loop.

For anyone else following this thread, note that the argument for -N has to 
match the name of the host in your configuration file. If you use an IP address 
for -N but the hostname in the configuration file, then it will not work.

Finally, when you upgrade to 2.0, there is a new version of sqlite which has 
different filenames (ending in .db3 instead of .db). This causes csync to think 
it is syncing for the first time.


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