Satanic Symbolism Surrounding the Death of Princess Diana


(I wrote this piece principally from the material presented in David Icke's book "The Biggest Secret". If anyone has more details or insights please mail me at [EMAIL PROTECTED] - Thanks. Nick)

Diana's death following a car accident in the Pont de l'Alma tunnel, in the early morning of August 31st 1997 has raised a few eyebrows among occult groups worldwide.

The following has been noted:

The city of Paris was founded in the sixth century AD by the Sicambrian Franks, an aryan race of middle-eastern extraction. They were keen followers of occult pracices, and ritual and ceremonial magic was integral to their daily life. They settled first on the island now known as the Isle-de-la-Cite - a place they believed was a major power vortex on the Earth's surface, marked today by the Notre Dame Cathedral, built by the Templars.

The central religious deity the Franks worshipped was the Moon Goddess known to the Romans as Diana, (aka Artemis, Isis, and others).

The Franks built an underground chamber for the worship of Diana outside the Isle-de-la-Cite. Sacrifices to the Moon Goddess were made here, and the chamber was also used for the settling of certain disputes. The present day location of this underground chamber is.......The Pont de l'Alma tunnel.

Allusion to this is made in the name, Al-mah meaning the Moon Goddess in the ancient language of the Franks. Furthermore, a bizarre monument was placed outside the tunnel's entrance in the mid-1980's by the Parisian government. Allegedly a "symbol of Liberty", and a memorial to French servicemen who died in the Second World War, the monument consists of a torch over a black five-pointed star. Those familiar with the occult may be aware that this is not a symbol much associated with liberty.

The Pont and Place de l'Alma are also the sites of major crossroads in the Parisian street system.

The Moon Goddess is frequently said to be as female energy form composed of three aspects, Diana, Luna and Hecate. These represent the energy as manifest on Earth, Heaven and the Underworld.

The latter, Hecate, the Queen of the Underworld, is very heavily associated with occult practices and ritual sacrifice. "Hecate's Day" is August 13th, but Satanic rituals, (black as opposed to white magic), to Hecate are better carried out on the 31st, reversal of numerals popular in Satanism.

Sacrifices to Hecate are also invariably carried out at crossroads, places symbolic of the meeting of ley lines.

Add these observations to the facts that Diana apparently bled to death at the scene of the crash, (absolutely fundamental to such a sacrifice), despite the rapid presence of medics; that the police radio system went off-air for twenty minutes at the time of the accident; that the surveillance camera system monitoring the route the Mercedes took malfuncioned the night of the crash; and that the car crashed into the 13th pillar in the tunnel, (the number 13, along with 33, are the two most powerful numbers in Western occultism) and you have a pretty good conspiracy theory.

The underlying contention being that there exists a Satanic group located at the extreme apex of our society, practising ritual magic.

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