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Rhialto, and lo! it spake thus:
> I suspect the window ring used to be a normal doubly-linked list at
> some time in the past. That would explain the existing checks for
> NULL. With the factored out adding and removing code, there is also
> more assurance that NULLs cannot sneak in.

Sounds reasonable.  Might be work dropping an assert() in, just for
documentation purposes, and to hint to us+5years that it's a
not-how-we-thought-it-worked rather than a whoops-we-forgot-to-test,
if it ever does trigger.

> > - r681: WindowIsOnRing() should be static?
> If it stays there, yes, but (see next item)

Well, it's just extracting some code out of an already static function
for use there, so...    we can always switch it to exported if we turn
out to need it elsewhere, but we'd probably be moving the code then

> Yes, I wasn't really sure where exactly to put them.
> functions_internal.h is a bit of a strange header file since it
> contains declarations for functions in multiple functions_*.c files,
> including functions_warp.c, which by itself seems like a nice place
> for window (warp) ring related stuff.

Yeah, the history (and present) is a little twisted.  Recall in the
pre-4.x days all the f.<whatever> handling lived in menus.c (I mean,
obviously, 'cuz that's what functions are, right?).  I busted them out
into functions.[ch] in r483, and then over the multiple steps of
reworking and refining how they work into the separate functions_*.c
files in r536.

And part of that was just disentangling everything, so that _almost_
all of the internals could be purely internal to function bits, with
the rest of the code only knowing about the things in functions.h.
Which ideally would probably only be ExecuteFunction(), but in
practice the event handlers and one or two other things touched a few
bits that weren't convenient to try and excise, so there're a few more
bits there.

Then functions_internal.h could handle all the bits that needed to be
shared among the internal implementations of the function handling
code.  In principle we could have a pile of function_xyz.h's holding
it, but that'd be more work to figure what to include in each, look a
bit arbitrary, and we'd _still_ have some global internal bits like
the macro for the function definitions etc.  So it holds things like a
few internal utils and extern'd vars that wound up shared between
things now in separate files, and the prototypes for the f.whatever

  (those latter could also in principle just be moved to being
  generated, since the lookup tables that call them are too, but I
  left 'em this way partly to easily use that to do what files they
  were in, and also partially as a cheap way to double test what
  you're doing when making changes)

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