Le 15/12/2022 à 04:48, Matthew D. Fuller a écrit :
Only a year or two later than vaguely planned, let's test out a
release beta.  With a little luck, we can promote it by New Years...


SHA256 (ctwm-4.1.0-beta.20221214.tar.xz) =

If you've been following along with the dev branches, there won't be
many surprises.  But a snapshot is a nice fixed point to test out,
the pre-built tarballs can be a bit easier to build from than raw
checkouts, and hey, it's a good "plz test" callout point!

It works fine on my side with 3 monitors, for a long time now ;)

I use the beta since your announce without any regression.

Just a note, I have a never committed patch to fix a window placement when DontMoveOff is enabled without 3D borders:




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