On Wed, 28 Dec 2022 14:54:57 -0600
"Matthew D. Fuller" <fulle...@over-yonder.net> wrote:

> https://www.ctwm.org/tmp/ctwm-4.1.0-beta.20221228.tar.xz

FWIW, I'm also using DontMoveOff with the default flat look and have so far 
_not_ encountered any window position bugs. I'm not using stalonetray. I've 
been restarting CTWM quite frequently since I've been tinkering with my config 
a bit.

On another note, when doing a "make" followed by "sudo make install" I get the 
following message:

CMake Warning at cmake_install.cmake:104 (message):
  No manpage to install: recheck config if this is unexpected.

Is this expected for the beta snapshot?

Carl Svensson

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