> apps on your Wayland desktop.  So even if everything works right, ctwm
> there could only ever manage those X windows, not the native Wayland
> ones.  And if all the other clients you're running are X11 anyway,
> then you wouldn't need to be running Wayland in the first place.

That's a bit pessimistic: running Xwayland on top of Wayland does have
the advantage (compared to running Xorg directly) that both Wayland and
Xwayland are maintained.  So in the not-too-distant-future it may be the
*only* way to go even if you use nothing else than X11 applications.

[ IIUC, Xwayland has some significant shortcomings, but I can't
  remember what they are.  For now, I'm blissfully running Xorg as if
  it'll be with us for another 30 years, keeping my head firmly in the
  sand, even tho most of my machines require an `xorg.conf` to turn off
  UseGammaLUT otherwise the system freezes at startup, and there's no
  movement on the corresponding Debian bug.  🙁  ]


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