Maekawa-san wrote:

> Is DateTime class can not treat dates before 1970?
> This could be a big problem for our project.
> (We use Curl 3.0.4 ... back from 4.0 beta, so far)
> Because it's very possible that the system needs to caliculate
> or display person's birthdays which mainly before 1970.

Actually, it is possible to handle dates before 1970 using DateTime objects. 
The thing that the Curl RTE does not understand for dates before 1970 is the
conversion between UTC time and local time zones.  This is because the Curl RTE
currently relies on the underlying operating system to do this conversion, and
not all of the operating systems that we support provide an API for this
conversion that can perform this conversion for dates before 1970.  Since an
expression like

        {DateTime "1953-12-23"}

uses the local time zone by default, the conversion fails for dates before 1970.

However, you can create and use a DateTime object for any date if you stick with
the UTC (Greenwich Mean Time) time zone.  You can create a DateTime for a date
before 1970 using the "utc-date-time" procedure like this:

        {utc-date-time "1953-12-23"}

If your application is representing people's birthdays, it may not be important
what time zone is used.

If you need further information about this, please let me know.    -Bert

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