On 20/02/2015 18:36, Maarten Hoes wrote:
I am (again) experiencing some issues when running Cygwin/X in
combination with XDMCP. Opening a cygwin prompt and running 'startxwin'
works as expected. But when I try to connect to my remote Linux system
with the command 'xwin -query' (or with the 'XLaunch'
program and choose XDMCP) the screen stays black. Things used to work,
but apparently something broke my setup.

Im running the latest Cygwin/X, and applied all current updates on my
Fedora 21 Linux system. Im running KDM.

Any and all ideas are more than welcome, as I have no idea whats going
on here.

Package: version 1.16.3-1 built 2014-12-30
xwin -query -logverbose 3

  1   0.000000 -> XDMCP 49 Query
  2   0.013254 -> XDMCP 100 Willing
  3   0.227426 -> XDMCP 360 Request
  4   0.227831 -> XDMCP 94 Accept
  5   0.227968 -> XDMCP 71 Manage

Assuming your wireshark filter includes X11, you should be seeing a X11 connection request from to the X server here.

Since the same X server version was working for you before (to a different IP address), I can only suggest you examine what else has changed.

You might want to check your firewall/network configuration.

  6   2.225721 -> XDMCP 71 Manage
  7   6.229538 -> XDMCP 71 Manage
  8  14.230544 -> XDMCP 71 Manage
  9  30.228625 -> XDMCP 71 Manage

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