On 24/02/2015 18:03, GEORGE BARRICK wrote:
      I've been using xlaunch with a windows desktop shortcut for
about a year to start a multi-window instance of xwin on my Win7
      OK.  Now for the difficulty.  I recently (today) updated my
cygwin system to include the newest xorg-server, xorg-server-common
and xorg-server-dmx (the 1.17.1-2 versions) as well as
xf86-video-dummy_0.3.7-3 xf86-video-nested-0.1.0-6 and xinit_1.3.4-5,
and have found that xlaunch no longer seems capable of finding my
.xlaunch-file.  It starts X as before, but does not automatically spin
up the xterm that my .xlaunch-file requests.  I wind up having to start
an xterm manually from the xwin "Applications" menu.

      In summary, I have changed _nothing_ except for the new X-stuff,
and have this problem.  The log-file from xwin does not seem radically
      The other notable problem to report is that my X-server now
crashes after about 5-10 minutes of use.
P.S.  Excuse verbosity of this report; I've tried to give complete

Thanks for providing such a detailed report, this enabled me to quickly reproduce what I think is the issue.

This seems to be a problem with xlaunch, which needs a small update to work correctly with xserver 1.17.

I've just uploaded xlaunch-20150224-1, which should fix this.

I think this is actually also the cause of your 'crashes' as well. After about 12 minutes, xlaunch is deciding that the X server hasn't started successfully and is killing it.

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