On 29/11/2015 02:56, John J Ottusch wrote:
I use CYGWIN a lot with 64-bit Windows 7 and have been transitioning
from 32-bit CYGWIN to 64-bit CYGWIN primarily in hopes of avoiding

If I could set up 64-bit CYGWIN (= C64) to behave exactly the same way
as my 32-bit CYGWIN (= C32) set up I would, but the applications don't
match up exactly and they don't behave exactly the same way.

One difference I notice is that opening a urxvt in C64 creates a
separate button associated with the Cygwin/X server process in the
taskbar, whereas opening an rxvt in C32 does not. (rxvt is not available
as a C64 application, but I would expect urxvt to operate similarly). In

Yes, please use rxvt-unicode (urxvt). rxvt has been dead upstream for a decade.

both cases an icon for the Cygwin/X server process shows up in the
notification area.

Both are started from a Windows shortcut:

C32 target:
C:\win32app\cygwin\bin\run.exe C:\win32app\cygwin\rxvtermX.bat

C64 target:
C:\win64app\cygwin\bin\run.exe C:\win64app\cygwin\urxvtermX.bat

The batch files that run are similar. Both start 'XWin' if it is not
already running, then run 'rxvt/urxvt'.

I prefer NOT to have the taskbar button for the Cygwin/X server process
show up. Having an icon show up in the notification area is cleaner.

Why are they behaving differently? Is there a way to make the urxvt
version (C64) behave like the rxvt version (C32)?

I think this is not a problem with the X server, but with the Cygwin run utility, which is supposed to run the .bat file with a hidden console.

See [1] a previous discussion of this problem.

I've built an x86_64 run.exe with that patch applied and uploaded it at [2]. Perhaps you could try that and see if it improves things.

[1] http://cygwin.com/ml/cygwin-xfree/2012-08/msg00000.html
[2] ftp://cygwin.com/pub/cygwinx/x86_64/run.exe

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