On 02/12/2015 00:16, John J Ottusch wrote:
Makes sense that it could be run.exe behavior.

However, the version of run.exe from [2] (which is 220K in size vs. 68K
for the original version ?!?) does not seem to do anything. Running it
from a CMD window with urxvtermX.bat as the argument does not produce an
error message, a urxvt term, nothing.

It's larger because it doesn't have debug information stripped.

BTW, I made an effort to give both versions of run.exe (I renamed the
new one runX.exe) the same ownership and permissions, but to no avail.

Am I missing something essential?

Just chmod +x should be sufficient.

I've probably done something wrong, although I have re-tested this run.exe and it seems to work for me.

Perhaps you could try 'strace ./run XWin', that might shed some light on what's going wrong?

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