Thanks for the tip.

First of all, using 'strace' I determined that testing is not advisable 
with the 'run.exe' executable named anything other than just 'run.exe'. 
Renaming the executable to 'runX.exe' ends up being interpreted as 'run X' 
and things go wrong from there.

The good news is that the version of 'run' Jon Turney provided does indeed 
withhold taskbar display of the CMD window from which urxvtermX.bat is 

The bad news is that I have to execute the target 
'C:\win64app\cygwin\bin\run.exe C:\win64app\cygwin\urxvtermX.bat' twice 
(or sometimes more). The first time through starts up 'Cygwin/X 
Server:0.0'. The second and any subsequent times it creates a new 'urxvt' 


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