> > Sorry for the lack of info.  This is a Windows native console application.
> Here's the source code:
> >
> > #include <windows.h>
> >
> A "console application" doesn't require windows.h but this isn't the issue.
[Bill Smith] 
Not sure that I understand.  Is your point that because it includes Windows.h, 
it's a GUI application?
I was just following the docs here:

> The Windows cmd console and the Cygwin console behave differently to the
> exception.  Not a bug, just not what you wanted.
[Bill Smith] 
Ok, understood.

> What if you 'cmd.exe /c foo.exe' from the Cygwin shell?  Will the Dialogue
> popup box occur?  If so you can provide a sh script foo to execute the
> foo.exe file.
[Bill Smith] 
Thanks for the suggestion but that doesn't work.  If I try to open a command 
prompt from a Cygwin shell (just type in "cmd"), I get the same behavior where 
I don't see the popup.  If I run "cygstart cmd.exe", then running the program 
from the command prompt will generate the popup.

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