J M via Cygwin wrote:

Specifically for this problem, I have investigated the problem and can be
related to pipes and antivirus.

while true
echo ABC | grep AAA

It makes the cpu of that antivirus go up.

This is as expected because malware scanners hook into Win32 API's CreateProcess*() calls which are also used by the fork()/exec() emulation of Cygwin. Each run of 'grep' above uses at least two CreateProcess*() calls.

This quick test shows how many 'date' commands could be run per second:

$ while :; do date +%s; done | uniq -c
     65 1712742865 <== Windows Defender off
     66 1712742866
     66 1712742867
     64 1712742868
     61 1712742869
     51 1712742870 <== Windows Defender turned on
     51 1712742871
     49 1712742872
     45 1712742873
     53 1712742874
     54 1712742875

The above could even slow down to 1-2 per second with certain malware scanners if expensive heuristics (which may also generate a lot of false positives, BTW) is enabled. So one problem is the lousy performance of CreateProcess*() calls. This is not Cygwin-specific but affects typical Cygwin use cases like shell scripts.

Using bash builtins in the above example speeds it up to ~21000/second on the same very old box:

$ while :; do printf '%(%s)T\n'; done | uniq -c


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