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For me not use AV or disable parts is not an option...

Then, if AV is inspecting the CreateProcess, these processes can be known
the path of these process?

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I'm not suggesting you don't use a real-time AV scanner. I'm suggesting
that Windows Defender is the best one to avoid slowing your Windows PC
down in general and especially with Cygwin. (FYI In independent tests,
its detection rate is very much as good as Trend, AVM, McAfee etc. as
well, so you save money & maintenance time without losing protection to

As I said, with Trend and other badly-written AV services, simply
excluding an executable or directory does not prevent the slow down. In
some cases even 'disabling' the AV using its UI does not either,
probably because this doesn't actually remove the hooks.

Again, I recommend removing all third-party AV and using Defender (and
Smart Screen, Safe Browsing etc. in your browser) if you have control
over your PC. If you're locked down, convince your IT manager about the
cost (purchase & your time waiting for the PC) savings of doing so.
(Good luck with the last - IT managers are often petty empire builders
who don't like taking advice even when it's good & saves money. I know -
I have been one in past times!)

Sam Edge

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