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> Is there a technical reason why 32bit Cygwin cannot be installed on
> 64bit Windows? We like to create a CI build pipeline, and want to
> create binaries for 32bit and 64bit Cygwin on the same machine, but
> setup.exe for 32bir Cygwin refuses to install

Maybe the Cygwin 32bit setup wants to make sure only people who read
the instructions can use it ? :-)

This should work from an Admin cmd.exe console.
---- snip ----
# Install Cygwin 32bit on Windows 10 32bit with packages required by
"ms-nfs41-client" (Windows NFSv4.1 client)
# get installer from https://www.cygwin.com/setup-x86.exe
setup-x86.exe --allow-unsupported-windows -q --no-verify --site
---- snip ----



P.S.: Offtopic, just noting it here because I wasted a lot of time:
Windows 10/32bit (Win10_22H2_German_x32v1.iso) on VMware Workstation
17.5 crashes randomly on first *update* after installation if you use
the VMware NVME driver, only SATA etc. works
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