On Sat, 25 May 2024, Takashi Yano wrote:

> Thanks for the report. However, I cannot reproduce the issue.
> If it always hangs in GetConsoleProcessList (), I doubt it is not a cygwin
> bug but a windows bug.
> By any chance, is the number of processes that attach to the same pty more
> than 32768 in your environment?

I doubt it, I was running a shell with this command:
find /usr/bin -name \*.dll -printf '%p:\n' -exec ldd '{}' \;

This was in Windows Terminal, msys2-runtime 3.5.3, on Windows 11
10.0.22631.3593.  (I realized I forgot to include these details).

I will attempt to reproduce this in Windows Sandbox with Cygwin next.

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