On 5/24/2024 3:26 PM, Jeremy Drake via Cygwin wrote:
On Sat, 25 May 2024, Takashi Yano wrote:

On Fri, 24 May 2024 14:46:40 -0700 (PDT)
Jeremy Drake wrote:
Thanks for the report. However, I cannot reproduce the issue.
If it always hangs in GetConsoleProcessList (), I doubt it is not a cygwin
bug but a windows bug.

By any chance, is the number of processes that attach to the same pty more
than 32768 in your environment?

I doubt it, I was running a shell with this command:
find /usr/bin -name \*.dll -printf '%p:\n' -exec ldd '{}' \;

Thanks for the details. I could reproduce the issue.
It seems that ldh.exe (which is called from ldd?) falls into infinite loop.
However, gdb cannot attach to ldh.exe...

Windbg reports that ldh.exe is already being debugged.  I was able to do a
"non-invasive" attach to ldh.exe in windbg, but it doesn't seem to be able
to deal with the split debug symbols (gnulink?).  I don't know if gdb can
do a non-invasive attach like that (or open a minidump assuming one could
be made from a non-invasize attach in windbg).

ldd is the debugger of ldh. I found that Sysinternals Process Explorer can attach to ldh, show the threads, and can get stack backtraces which are refreshable. You have to convert addresses shown there into source-relevant addresses manually.

I'm bowing out for now as I think Takashi has a handle on this.


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