at Thursday, March 27, 2003 6:36 AM, Sarad AV <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
was seen to say:
> there is a lot of self imposed sensor ship in US on
> the war.The Us pows's shown on al-jazeera were not
> broadcasted over Us and those sites which had pictures
> of POW's were removed as unethical graphics on web
> pages.
> May be the US itself might be stopping access to
> al-jazeera networks.
It certainly sounds probable. All the US and UK coverage is being very
carefully stage-managed - all reporters are "embedded" into units for a
reason - they are permitted to film what they are told, when they are
told, and striking out on your own (or using a uplink to upload "raw"
news to the newsroom carries the death penalty - as the ITN crew found
Having a "raw" source of news - particularly one that carries pictures
of young children being pulled from the rubble minus their legs - cannot
possibly be tolerated.  That isn't to say *that* source isn't biassed as
well - try finding pro-COW coverage, and there must be at least some of
the pro-COW coverage that our major media puts out that isn't faked.....

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