Tyler Durden wrote:

> One thing to think about with respect to the RFID passports...
> Um, uh...surely once in a while the RFID tag is going to get corrupted
> or something...right? I'd bet it ends up happening all the time. In
> those cases they probably have to fall back upon the traditional
> passport usage and inspection.
> The only question is, what could (believably) damage the RFID?

EMP?  Could be tuned, even, since the RFID is resonant at a known
frequency.  There's a standard for excitation field strength, so all one
should need to do would be hit the chip with 50-100x the expected
input.  Unless the system is shunted with a zener or some such, you
should be able to fry it pretty easily.

Now put that chip-cooker in a trash can right by the main entrance to an
airport and perform some public service.

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