One thing to think about with respect to the RFID passports...

Um, uh...surely once in a while the RFID tag is going to get corrupted or something...right? I'd bet it ends up happening all the time. In those cases they probably have to fall back upon the traditional passport usage and inspection.

The only question is, what could (believably) damage the RFID?


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>*Front* cover?  Does that mean that if I hold the passport the wrong
>way, the skimmer will have a free ride?


(1) The sample RFID passports that Frank Moss passed around at CFP,
looked like <>, had
the RFID chip (which was barely detectable by feel) in the *back* cover.
The visible data page was/is, as with current passports, in the *front*
cover.  This is not compliant with the ICAO specifications, which
recommend having the chip in the same page as the visible data, to
make it
more difficult to separate them.  I can only guess that it was hard to
laminate the visible data without damaging the chip, if it was in the
page.  But it's interesting in light of the importance supposedly being
placed on compliance with ICAO standards.

(2) Moss had 2 sample RFID passports, 1 with and 1 without the
He cliamed it was a layer in the entire outer cover (front and back),
it wasn't detectable by feel.

I have more threat scenarios for the latest flavor of RFID passport at:

Edward Hasbrouck

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