At 01:42 AM 10/30/2005, Roy M. Silvernail wrote:
Tyler Durden wrote:

> One thing to think about with respect to the RFID passports...
> Um, uh...surely once in a while the RFID tag is going to get corrupted
> or something...right? I'd bet it ends up happening all the time. In
> those cases they probably have to fall back upon the traditional
> passport usage and inspection.

They've said they'll fall back on the traditional
"If we can't read the passport it's invalid and you'll need to
replace it before we'll let you leave the country" technique,
just as they often do with expired passports and sometimes
do with just-about-to-expire passports if you're a
Suspicious-Acting Person like Dave del Torto.

> The only question is, what could (believably) damage the RFID?

If you want to damage the RFID of a passport you're playing with,
microwave ovens should do just fine.
I don't know if Rivest's RFID-blocker chips use the same
frequency or codespace as the passport RFIDs,
but you could also leave one of them in the back of your passport.

Now put that chip-cooker in a trash can right by the main entrance to an
airport and perform some public service.

I'd be surprised if you could put out enough energy to cook
the passport RFIDs of people walking by at normal speed
without also causing lots of other electrical problems.

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