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> How about we just call it "bullshit" ? Obviously MSM is total fucking
> garbage....
> While we're at it, whats up with the constant russia-insider.com links?
> This shit is pure propaganda, every bit as bad as any MSM....
> http://kremlintrolls.com/t/20150620-ri_footprint.html
> http://www.stopfake.org/en/is-russia-insider-sponsored-by-a-
> russian-oligarch-with-the-ties-to-the-european-far-right/
> http://www.fort-russ.com/2016/04/bausman-and-fraud-at-russia-insider.html
> http://www.fort-russ.com/2015/11/reading-between-lines-great-war-of.html
> https://nobsrussia.com/tag/russia-insider/
> "Long time readers and Russia watchers know that one of the most odious
> pro-Kremlin
> sites in existence is Russia Insider. Rather than create original
> content, most of
> their articles consist of material reprinted from other sources,
> typically Kremlin
> media outlets but also including sites featuring ideological racism and
> Holocaust
> denial. What better sources for a site that still uses the “Kiev Nazi
> junta” trope?"

Interesting that RI is associated with holocaust deniers, as I just
realized yesterday that Zen is himself a holocaust denier when he posted a
bunch of holocaust denial links.

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