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On 09/17/2016 11:22 PM, xorc...@sigaint.org wrote:
>> Myself, I'm MUCH happier with the way "the news" is today (with 
>> competition by the Internet, etc) than 20 years ago. Â I remember
>> well how "the news media" misled the public with the Randy Weaver
>> case, Waco, etc. Â "The news media" wouldn't touch discussions
>> about complaints by various women about Bill Clinton, UNTIL one
>> of them filed a lawsuit in about 1996. Â The next day, as if on
>> cue, suddenly all the media began to talk about that case, as if
>> they had suddenly become aware of what was going on...when
>> everyone knew that they must have been already quite aware.Sure, 
>> some of today's 'information' is 'the chaff', rather than 'the
>> wheat', but I'd rather have the opportunity to sift through ALL
>> of the news, rather than let the MSM (mainstream media) Â decide
>> what little to show to us.
> True. Good point.
> You're right that competition from the internet has caused the news
> to tighten up some, in that certain things can't be ignored. But it
> also seems to me that the spin and misdirection that they use is
> also ramping up to bigger-than-ever levels. I guess the two
> probably go hand-in-hand.

Good catch, 2x.

Anything called "activism" intersects with broadcast media (one to
many) and network media (many to many) in the information warfare
battle space of Political Warfare.  Any actor one has not personally
vetted should be presumed hostile, at best easily manipulated; those
one does trust for real reasons will make mistakes.  Opposition
propaganda, astroturf, deception operations, elicitation, smear jobs,
joe jobs, etc. ad Illuminatus Trilogy run rampant.  Anyone who aspires
to schange the world, without controlling access to multi-billion
dollar assets, needs to fight and win the Internet.  There are no
instant easy answers; just learning to ask the right questions is a
major undertaking.

Razer has a very solid background on WTF the people whose boots are on
the real, physical ground are up against.  When radicals fail to
integrate physical and network comms strategies successfully, radicals
fail is all.  The opposition is in the same position.  As Bugs Bunny
would say, "This calls for strategy."  An occasional reminder that we
are not /just/ playing games with computers and shit is well in order.


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