On 09/18/2016 10:22 AM, xorc...@sigaint.org wrote:
>> Fwiw, for those who aren't aware... The point of trolls like this one,
>> 'xorcist', and cyberpiggie et all is to stalk individuals posts on lists
>> with garbage so people start to think, whenever the one being targeted
>> posts, "Oh fuck that means I'm gonna see all that shit from x...@xxx.xxx
>> again and wish the targeted person would stop posting and just lurk.
>> Stupid... Simple... Social engineering.
>> Rr
> How fucking stupid. If that was my goal, I wouldn't have taken the mail
> off-list to avoid shit ON-LIST. If that was my goal, I wouldn't have
> specifically tried to NOT influence the list. You're so paranoid its
> laughable. You're not that important, mate.
> But, if your goal was to paint me in this way, you'd have done well to not
> post my off-list mail to the list. Not that it really matters, its obvious
> that people buy into your bullshit.

Posting private messages is very bad form, without explicit permission.

Just sayin'.

> And no.. my goal isn't to stalk you. I'm just tired of seeing shit which
> isn't the slightest bit relevant to crypto, or even resistance to the
> state, on this list.


> I remember when this list had posts from Assange and others on actual
> cryptographic techniques and tools, where real information was shared. New
> information and ideas.


> Now its just wankers speculating, and regurgitating links from open news
> sources.. and you act like you're leaking privileged information.
> lulz


So hey, xorcist, welcome :)

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