On 09/18/2016 06:36 PM, Mirimir wrote:
> Posting private messages is very bad form, without explicit permission.
> Just sayin'.

Trolling for information about people on lists using confrontational
strategies and tactics is 'bad form;' Do it offlist, that means HOSTILE
COMMUNICATION, or having been hostile on list, then without notification
contact me off it and be even remotely hostile and FUCK YOU TOO!

The last of it's trolls before I blocked the jackass was a textbook
example of fishing for information using some 'social cues' it picked up

Maybe correct. Mostly not even in the ballpark, but UNWANTED
UNCONSTRUCTIVE communication fishing for information. I'm too busy for
that. I'm also too busy to deconstruct it for you line by line (which in
the process reveals more info) I wouldn't waste my time doing it for
myself either. The narrative being used was too fucking obvious. Let it
bug Zenaan, or you perhaps.


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