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>> NSA-proof?
>> Is that even possible unless you:
>> 1) personally pick up your phone off the factory
>> floor production line at random?
>> and
>> 2) Reproducibly build all software on the device
>> and upload your build?
>> and
>> 3) the hardware completely isolates the baseband
>> processor and its os (unless there's a deployable
>> FLOSS baseband stack I'm not aware of)?
>> and that's just for starters.
> Are we getting any closer to a mobile phone baseband stack?

Here's "Super-secure"

Buy a 5.99 cellie at 7-11

Turn it on under an assumed name from a public computer.

Call in your bomb threat.

Throw phone in ocean.

They'll know where you called from, and the public computer address you
registered it from, and that's about it unless they start doing voice
analysis on the audio from that shitty little mic in the cellie that
cost less than a penny to make.


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