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> An informal group dedicated to public education and dissemination of
> encryption (also known as cryptography, the science and art of secret
> writing). I originally hosted the mailing list (cypherpu...@toad.com)
> and provided space for the first few years' worth of meetings. A
> descendant of the mailing list is still operating; subscribe to
> cryptogra...@metzdowd.com."
> No mention of the current cypherpunks list :P  

        Right. That tells you exactly what gilmore stands for. His EFF
        was already and correctly seen as corrupt and useless 20 years
        ago - check the archives of gilmore's original, 'own' cypherpunk
        mailing list. 

        Also, the amount of effort needed to learn what kind of
        textbook example of unintentional self-pardoy the 'cryptography'
        mailing list is, is very low. Just spend ten minutes reading the
        pseudo technical garbage that gets posted to that fully censored
        cesspool =)

> Taken from http://www.toad.com/gnu/
> John

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