> Fishing for an age... Wrong. Don't bother trying again.

Not two minutes before you sent the above quoted message, you posted a
message saying your reply would be the last in thread. Obviously not.

But whatever. Uhm -- No, not fishing at all.  Maybe you are a senile
71-yro after all? Because your memory is obviously garbage.

In our first interaction on this list you made a ridiculous claim that you
were being profiled by the government. In your words, paraphrased, since
before they were really using computers, when things were being done with
paper and punch cards.

As I pointed out in a private message to you, which you also then posted
publicly here, punch cards were phased out in the 1960s.

If you were a well-connected extremely rabid 20-year-old radical in 1965,
to make the fed's watch-list at that tender age, today you would be 71
years old.

I don't care how old you are. It's just an observation based on the
stupid, paranoid, ridiculous shit that you constantly say. And I'll tell
you WHY I don't care, in the slightest, about you or any personal details
about you:

You're an unimportant, clueless child, with a penchant for paranoia, and
grandiose claims. You're rude, wear the term "asshole" like a badge of
honor. This alone limits any effect, or importance you could possibly have
to anyone, in any possible universe or social circle here on earth. You're
nothing, and the few morsels of information or opinion that you offer that
are worth anything, are really just pre-chewed pieces of fat gleaned from
other sources. At best, you're the net equivalent of a talking head,
dutifully reading off the page presented to you from somewhere else,
trying to convince us that it has merit.

You have never had an original thought in your short little life, and
since you obviously feed your ego mostly through the goings-on here - the
net equivalent of scrawling graffiti in a dis-used lavatory at a random
highway rest stop, it is quite likely that you never will have such a

You have proudly written about how you avoid IT work, preferring other
forms of labor out of some ideological duty -- which may be at least
partly true, but it is just as likely, given the observations above, that
you're just scared shitless to actually put your talents and mind to the
test, because deep down, you wonder if you have what it takes.

That's just my opinion, off the top of my head, from what I remember of
your nonsense.

It would be dizzingly pathetic, if it weren't so clockwork-regular like a
fucking automaton.

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