On Oct 18, 2016 3:57 PM, "juan" <juan....@gmail.com> wrote:
>         So, having 'faith' in technology doesn't make sense.

Faith in people, faith in science, faith in technology, my dear Juan.
Always hoping the people can create better technologies, more precise
methods and systems and use them for saving lives, for making the world
more human, fairer, with less pain and crying.  A world without the human
misery:  wars, hunger, diseases, lack of potable water, etc...

>         Plus, it's quite obvious that technology can be used to kill and
control the biggest number of people in the most 'efficient' way.

People don't need any technology to kill each other and manipulate, control
innocent lives using menaces, fear, cruelty...  :(

>         And that is exactly what's happening right now thanks to your
'friends' at google and the rest of 'captains' of 'industry'.

So change this, make something to fight against the death of the privacy,
instead complaining about Google using a gmail account, my dear.

> > I don't care about being a low profile nerd.  It only means I recognize
the importance of technical knowledge to help the people.
>         Or to destroy them.

I can use my knifes to cook or to kill.  My choice, my responsability,
dear.  You can use the same instruments and ideas in different ways.

>         There isn't anything 'punk' in parroting propaganda.

Why do you think my thoughts are 'propaganda' and not yours, my dear?

>         So anything you say is just 'your opinion'  and
>         'interpretation'. It is not true. End of the Game.

Why is it not true, dear?  It's my opinion, but there are several different
opinions in the world about the same facts.

Points of view are very subjective, influenced by personal backgrounds and
beliefs.  I can't say with absolute and complete certain that my opinion is
the only real truth.  Tolerance and respect, my dear.

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