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> On Oct 18, 2016 3:57 PM, "juan" <juan....@gmail.com> wrote:
> >
> >         So, having 'faith' in technology doesn't make sense.
> Faith in people, faith in science, faith in technology, my dear Juan.
> Always hoping the people can create better technologies, more precise
> methods and systems and use them for saving lives, for making the
> world more human, fairer, with less pain and crying.  A world without
> the human misery:  wars, hunger, diseases, lack of potable water,
> etc...

        Handwaving bullshit. 

> >         Plus, it's quite obvious that technology can be used to
> > kill and
> control the biggest number of people in the most 'efficient' way.
> People don't need any technology to kill each other and manipulate,
> control innocent lives using menaces, fear, cruelty...  :(

        So what. You talked about science as if it were to solve moral
        problams. It won't. But it can't make them worse. so now you
        ignroe that? You FAIL.

> >         And that is exactly what's happening right now thanks to
> > your
> 'friends' at google and the rest of 'captains' of 'industry'.
> So change this, make something to fight against the death of the
> privacy, instead complaining about Google using a gmail account, my
> dear.

        People like you are the problem. My using a gmail account is
        irrelevant. I don't go around praising google and their
        piece-of-shit employees, like you do.

> > > I don't care about being a low profile nerd.  It only means I
> > > recognize
> the importance of technical knowledge to help the people.
> >
> >         Or to destroy them.
> I can use my knifes to cook or to kill. 

        Yes, so your original comment about technology is wrong. 

 My choice, my responsability,
> dear.  You can use the same instruments and ideas in different ways.
> >         There isn't anything 'punk' in parroting propaganda.
> Why do you think my thoughts are 'propaganda' and not yours, my dear?
> >         So anything you say is just 'your opinion'  and
> >         'interpretation'. It is not true. End of the Game.
> Why is it not true, dear?  

        None of what you say is true, as per your own premise. 

> It's my opinion, but there are several
> different opinions in the world about the same facts.

        Facts? What's that? Is your opinion that there are real facts
        out there? Well, that's just another opinion isn't it?

> Points of view are very subjective, influenced by personal
> backgrounds and beliefs.  I can't say with absolute and complete
> certain that my opinion is the only real truth.  Tolerance and
> respect, my dear.

        Tolerance and respect are just 'opinions' And since you are
        'tolerant' to all kind of fucked up things I don't think your
        'tolerance' has much value. 

        Give my regards to all your google 'friends'.

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