Lauren genuine concerned about the culture of pretense at Google (see

We absolutely MUST NOT tolerate alternate political views which seek
diversity of alternate political views!

Leftist Diversity is an absolute biological necessity almost on the
level of species survival (for a Liberal Lefty), where genitals are
something you think about and sincerely, seriously, try to resolve
your issues, inner conflicts and emotions regarding.

Any suggestion that there is a difference between a penis and a
vagina, and ESPECIALLY any suggestion that there is no difference
between someone who's got one and someone who's not sure but thinks
they might want one,


Good, now that we've cleared up these important facts, we're all on
the same page with Lauren.

(Because smileys are nothing but a social construct.)

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Date: Sat, 5 Aug 2017 14:25:07 -0700
Subject: More on the internal Google doc being widely discussed in the media 

More on the internal Google doc being widely discussed in the media today

I am very disappointed to learn that the internal Google doc re
diversity issues -- apparently an opinion piece by a single author, NOT
Google policy -- has been leaked in its entirety. I can't see any valid
justification for such a leak regardless of how negatively most Googlers
may disagree with its content, and in my view this threatens the culture
of internal openness and discussion at Google that is extremely
important both to Google and ultimately to Google's users.

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