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Jason McVetta <jason.mcve...@gmail.com> wrote:

> People interested in economics may enjoy reading historian David
> Graeber's excellent book, *Debt: The First 2000 Years*.

        OK. Let me translate. People who know fuck about economics and
        are brain-dead statists will enjoy their echo chamber in the
        form of some shitty propaganda written by some
        charlatan-apologist of the banking mafia. 

> Graeber argues that a) no actually-existing historical society used
> barter as a primary component of their economic system;

        huh. Any group of people with a minimum of economic organization
        will move from ONE STEP barter, to TWO STEPS BARTER, also known
        as COMMODITY MONEY. 

        This is the sort of fuckingly basic stuff that you know if you
        know economics, as opposed to being some 'academic' scumbag
        writing propaganda for the banking mafia. 

> and b)
> debt-money significantly predates both hard currency and markets.

        sure. Don't forget that the human race was created by jakobo
        goldam sacks, and rothschild, and moses. 

        buy YES! what you say is so amazingly....absurd and stupid.

        government paper and deby predates market money exactly like
        mcdonalds predates the roman empire.

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