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>         OK. Let me translate. People who know fuck about economics and
>         are brain-dead statists will enjoy their echo chamber in the
>         form of some shitty propaganda written by some
>         charlatan-apologist of the banking mafia.
> I can tell you have not read the quoted chapter, much less the
> book.  ;-)

        Right. You wrote a two lines summary, and I replied to that. I
        was assuming that your summary was accurate. What I wrote is a
        legitimate to the points *you made*. 

        But IF your summary is wrong, then maybe you didn't read the
        book either? =P But OK, I'll read the chapter, for completness'
        sake. (It's not the first time I hear about banking in babylonia

        But before reading anything I can state that the nature of money
        and the basic knowledge that economics provides will not change.

        Either the guy explains what money is, and how
        manipulated/corrupted money is used by banks, governments AND
        'PROGRESSIVES' to rob people of the fruits of their labor, or
        the guy is a propagandist for banks, or government, or
        progressives OR ALL THE FUCKING THREE of them =)

> History is not always convenient or easily mapped into ideology.
> Nevertheless, I think even a person of anarchist bent like Juan will
> find that book an interesting read.
> YMMV - take it for what it's worth - would you like fries with that?

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