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> On 11/08/2018 13:55, juan wrote:
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> >>>> On 11/08/2018 04:34, juan wrote:
> >>>>>         peterson is a christian right-wing fascist so his fascist 
> >>>>> 'message' is no doubt at the 'foundation' of western 'civilization'
> >>>> Jordan Peterson is not a Christian,
> >>>   peterson is a fuckign 'atheist' christian.
> >> Nuts.
> >     yes he is nuts
> To clarify:  Someone who uses the phrase "atheist Christian" is nuts.

        meh - It is not uncommon for conservatives to admit that their 
religious horror tales are nonsense, while at the same time claiming that the 
proles have to believe those tales, otherwise the 'order' of 'society' would be 
'subverted'. So those conservatives promote jew-kristian theocracy (hence they 
act like christians) while being atheists. Seriously, this isn't news...

> >> On 11/08/2018 06:20, juan wrote:
> >>>   you'll have to first define 'left' and then give some example of 
> >>> peterson being a lefty.
> >> Leftism is knocking over the apple cart to grab some apples.
> >     Oh OK. Given such accurate definition, I guess you have evidence of 
> > peterson knocking over many apple carts?
> Men are being emasculated, which is one big apple cart, the destruction 
> of the family is another, and Peterson's proposed solution is "clean up 
> your room"

        I don't think that's accurate...

>   He credits American Jews with an average IQ high enough to entirely 
> explain their disproportionate influence, 

        yes! he's a barefaced jew fascist - so he is far-right-wing. He's a 
barefaced apologist of western organized crime and he doesn't say that jews are 
'overrepresented' in  wallstreet beacuse they are especially corrupt - it's 
just because they are more clever. Lol.

> and completely failing to 
> notice that whites are second class citizens to NAMs. He advocates 
> hierarchy based on meritocracy, and conspicuously fails to notice major 
> deviations from meritocracy.

        YES! And what part you don't get about peterson being on the far right? 
According to peterson the western fascist cesspool is based on meritocracy, not 
on hundreds of years of world-wide criminality. Hence he's the most crass 
apologist of western fascism you can find. 

        He does exactly what all fake libertarians do. Pretend that a highly 
mercantilistic/imperialistic system is The Amazing Anarchit Free Market.

> The solution to emasculation and the destruction of the family is not to 
> clean up your room, but to project the masculinity of the vicious 
> psychopathic criminal, combined with the assets and material lifestyle 
> of the respectable male, staying out of jail while superficially seeming 
> the kind of man that chicks would find in jail. Jordan offers fatherless 
> boys the same old blue pill solutions to dealing with women, which 
> result in them living in involuntary celibacy.

        The fact that allegedly (by you) peterson doesn't share your exact 
conservative bullshit doesn't mean he's 'on the left'. Plus, I haven't heard 
peterson talking about "saving the christian family", but maybe he does. 

> Involuntary celibacy is one hell of a broken apple cart.
> Peterson piously mentions that commies murdered a hundred million or so, 
> and are entirely unrepentant, 

        right he parrots the typical fascist propaganda about communism - quite 
similar to the war propaganda about the 'holocaust'. 

        so again he's a model for right-wing lying bot. 

> but neglects to say that they hunger and 
> thirst to do it all again, and that Democrats are on the same course, 

        ha ha ha - speaking of nuts....

        so James you are a textbook example of controlled opposition. The 
moment you pretend that the 'democrats' are a threat whereas supreme scum like 
the other faction of the US ruling party isn't you lose whatever shred of 
'credibility' you had. 

> course headed directly for the Red Terror of 1794, which eighteenth 
> century horror prefigured the enormously larger mass murders of the 
> twentieth century, and the extraordinary increase in war, state 
> violence, and private criminal violence that we have seen starting with 
> the French Revolution, which is a very big pile of broken apple carts.

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